3 reasons for your vistors impatience

People coming to your website are known to be very impatient. Ever wondered why this happens?

I. The web page is not quick enough

Do you remember those days when you had modems? A web page would take a while to load completely. People started to become frustrated with the loading time and prefer to just close it instead of waiting. But the age of Internet has changed. These days we have Broadband Internet available easily on many devices and there is a wide range of websites available. There are many alternative options for everything. So instead of stopping their search, they find an alternative website that instantly shows them what they want.

II. The web page is hard to read on the mobile devices

People out there use mobile devices very often. They no longer use it to call people. Mobile devices have become smart enough to interact with the people. Those devices have apps, GPS, emails and many other features that are becoming essential for daily life. So people rely on using mobile devices. When people search on them for something and land up on your website they expect that they can read your website on the screen. If your web page is not responsive enough to reorganize itself for the smaller screens, people find it difficult to read microscopic sized alphabets shown to them. The result – they just move on.

III. The webpage is not easy to understand

One aspect of this is the placement of links. If the visitor finds it hard to trace the common locations such as About Us, Contact etc, they are in some kind of confusion. Instead of trying to figure out, they just leave.

Even if you have such things in place, visitors leave when they do not understand why you are showing the web page to them. If they don’t understand the value you are offering to them they will simply go back to where they have come from.

These 3 aspects are very crucial in understanding the behavior of visitors on your website or your landing page. If you are able to address these on your websites, you can then handle visitor retention and engagement aspects.