Work Geometry

Work Geometry is our SaaS-based work management software that can be used in organizations to track the work status in real time. Work Geometry aims at cutting down the time taken by employees to report their work status to their senior management. The software also addresses the need to consolidate the fragmented work data available across different tools.
The Work Geometry software is a software-suite having following functionalities.
  • Task tracking with visibility on workflow and status updates
  • Comprehensive meeting management module with minutes and action items completion tracker
  • PMBOK compliant project tracking supporting Waterfall, Agile Scrum and Kanban methodologies
  • ITIL oriented Service desk to log tickets and related information
  • Simple timesheet module used to calculate the progress of projects
  • Asset Management with CMDB to track assets assigned to an employee
  • Vendor Management module, with RFX and payments features
  • Lightweight CRM module for tracking projects, invoices and client contacts
  • Collaborative HR Management system with Staffing and Recruitment modules
With its responsive design, Work Geometry will be helpful to people who want to track the work on the go, with their mobile devices.
Major capabilities of Work Geometry are –
  • Process compliance checks – Organizations can create processes templates and assign them to their projects and services. A compliance report shows the effectiveness of processes followed in them as well as the adherence to process standards specified.
  • Employee Attendance – With the integration with Biometric Attendance Machines, this module gives the availability status of an employee to supervisors and HR.
  • Invoicing – Clients can be sent electronic invoices for the projects/services offered. Payments made can be tracked in our basic Accounting module.
  • Taxation – Organizations can track the taxes they have to pay to Government based on the invoices generated in a month, as well as generate a consolidated report for auditing needs.
  • Expense tracking – Departments can be allocated budgets and expenses logged in the system can be approved by Finance department, by having the visibility of department level budget allocations.
  • e-Procurement – Employees can select the required products/services from the Vendor Catalog configured in the system and make purchase requests. With a public URL generated, vendors can submit their bids and designated person can compare the bids within the system.
  • Employee service history – HR personnel can track the history of an employee related to promotions or transfers. Apart from tracking required employee details, qualifications and experience details, Work Geometry can also keep track of Appraisals the employee has gone through.
  • Recruitment module – Organizations can publish their job openings with a public link, for which applicants can submit their CV. These applications can be monitored online and HR can schedule interviews and keep track of selection process. Employees can also make referrals in this module and keep track of them.
  • Organization Policies and processes – All employees can have visibility on Organization’s processes, policies and announcements. This ensures that employees are aware of common things in the organization
Work Geometry has following pricing models
1. Lite
– Task Management, Meeting Management and Timesheets modules
– Per user license with reasonable project and storage limits
2. Premium
– Projects, Services, Assets, CRM Modules, HRMS, Procurement, Vendor Management, Finance Module and all modules in Lite package
– Per use license with increased storage limits and unlimited projects
3. Exclusive
– On-premise hosting of complete Work Geometry suite.
– Yearly package with unlimited users, projects and storage and regular product upgrades
You can learn more on the Work Geometry website –