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We provide consulting services for Project Management, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing and Web Development.

Our Portfolio

We offer professional Project Management services, Web Application Penetration Testing and Cyber Security services, Web development using Open source technologies and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure maintenance. We also offer Corporate Training Services on emerging technologies.

We will learn from you

We are always thirsty to learn new things, especially from you. With our on-going conversations, we will understand your way of work and provide solutions that suit your needs. We believe that a particular process can be improved only by learning how it is implemented currently.

Our Services

We give you an overview of the services we offer.

Project Management

Having knowledge on project management areas and processes, we ensure that you complete your projects on time. We have experienced people certified in PMP and Scrum methodologies.

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Cyber Security

We assist you in making your web applications secure against vulnerabilities. Using the proven industry tools, we perform penetration testing and identify loop holes in your application.

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Web Development

With professionals having years of real world experience, we can develop web based applications that serve your requirements. With our mobile-friendly designs, you can access your websites from any device.

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Digital Marketing

We help you to prepare your online marketing strategy, right from creating social community to impressing customers to buy your products. With our Content, SEO, Social and Email Marketing, you can observe the difference in your sales.

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AWS Management

We can handle your AWS Cloud infrastructure efficiently and we will assist you in choosing a perfect infrastructure architecture of your organization. We can scale up and add necessary services according to your need.

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Corporate Training

We offer trainings in various areas, which you want your employees to be trained in. Combined with our hands-on sessions, your team will develop practical knowledge in handling your projects.

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This is what our happy customers say ..
I am very impressed with the responsive nature of Lightracers. They are able to understand the "Big picture" very well and showed us a very good level of knowledge they have. I would recommend them for web application projects.

Bhaskar Boda

Head of L&D

These people have developed brains to hit the bulls eye. They have ability to address the concerns we were facing. I'd definitely recommend their services.

Radha Krishna T

IT Director

Lightracers have the capability to understand the requirements and translate them into exact solutions that we require. Kudos to them.

Daniel Williams

PMO Manager

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